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Top 10 Reasons To Rent

Rent rather than own? On purpose? According to common wisdom, that's lunacy. But once you steer your way through some myths and misunderstanding, renting often emerges as the preferable option.

  1. Save money
    Common wisdom says renting equals throwing your money away. The truth is, unless you're planning on staying in a house for more than five years, you run the risk of losing money if you buy a home. Mortgages are amortized so you're paying mostly interest in the first few years. Add in property tax, insurance, maintenance costs and the fees associated with selling the house and five years of renting can be significantly cheaper than owning.
  2. Movin' on up
    Speculators are driving real estate prices up--bad for buyers but great for renters. The current real estate bubble has resulted in a large supply of reasonably-priced homes and apartments on the market right now, so renters can live in neighborhoods they couldn't afford to buy in.
  3. Be choosy
    If you're new to an area, renting is a smart way to get the lay of the land. It can take several months to get to know a new city or neighborhood. Renting gives you the freedom to browse, to learn the quirks and nuances of various areas and figure out which one is your perfect match.
  4. Peace of mind
    Heater broken? Roof leaking? When you're a renter, that's someone else's headache. 
  5. Easy on the pocketbook
    Once you've shelled out the first month's rent and the deposit, your monthly outlay remains the same. Rents rise between two and four percent per year. But variable interest mortgages and sudden jumps in property tax can be much steeper, with more potential to wreak havoc on a rigid budget.
  6. Footloose
    On your way up the career ladder? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you'll change jobs an average of nine times before you turn 35. Renting leaves you nimble--just 30 days notice and you're out of there.
  7. Short attention span
    As a renter, you can sample life in a mid-century modern glass house, switch to an inner-city Victorian, then head for the hills in a rural corner of town. 
  8. Baby on board
    Customize your city to fit your parenting needs. Choose your house or apartment based on the park, school, library, or health care services that are best-suited for your particular needs.
  9. Less risk
    In a volatile real estate market, renting carries no risk. It frees up your money for other investments--school, vacation, a small business, or stocks and bonds.
  10. Free time
    Would you rather go to the movies than grout the kitchen tile? Does testing for mold or radon gas sound like fun? Renting means not having to say you're sorry that these and a myriad of other home-related chores and disasters are someone else's problem.

By V. Kipen


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