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In the name of God, the merciful and the compassionate


For the past nineteen years, Perry has been involved in the research, development, design, implementation, analysis, evaluation, and operation of various transportation electrical engineering projects for various private industries as well as government agencies. As a principal engineer, he has applied state-of-the-art engineering techniques in the development of traffic systems as well as preventive techniques to many diverse electrical projects design and applications including CMS, EMS, Camera enforcement system, ADA disabled individuals traffic operation system, smart traffic signal system, etc. 


Perry is one of the founders of KLN Engineering Consultants based in the city of Fremont, California. Presently, Perry is the Vice President/Principal Engineer for KLN Engineering Consultants. He is responsible for the design and development of various transportation electrical projects. Perry has developed extensive processes and techniques for developing innovative design techniques on various transportation electrical systems, failure analysis, transportation safety, transportation management systems, and energy conservation systems. In addition, Perry is an active volunteer assisting war Torn countries. He has been providing technical knowledge in design and development of electrical infrastructures such as power plants, power distribution, and traffic operation system.


Aside from his engineering career, Perry has decided to pursue his grandfather's legacy in real estate.  He began his part-time career in real estate by managing a very small rental property in the city of Hayward and eventually established Mission Villa Properties in the city of Fremont. Presently, Mission Villa Properties owns and manages quality rental properties at various Bay Area cities. Perry's strict tenant screening policies, strong and open communications with tenants, and hands-on management practices and experience are the essential tools, which he used to achieve his life goals.

At the very early stages Perry realized the importance that specialization in rental properties does matter, so he focused on learning hands-on experience in the field of property rental ownership/management. As an owner-operated business, Mission Villa Properties has the advantage of giving its tenants the personal attention that each and every one of our tenants deserves.

Mission Villa Properties management team realizes that each tenant has its individual and specific concerns. Therefore, we have tailored our operations/management programs to meet those needs and concerns.

At the present time, Mission Valley Properties owns/manages rental properties in the most upscale communities of Alameda and Santa Clara Counties. The average rental units range from $2500- $4500 per month, and the rent depends on the geographical location as well as local economy.


If you are looking to move to a great neighborhood (Fremont Mission San Jose, Pleasanton Vinyard/Ruby Hills area, Campbell/Saratoga, Hayward Hills near California State University Hayward, etc.) or have children and want them to attend an excellent school, please contact Mission Villa Properties for rental unit availability within your desired area.  As you know, the real accomplishments of one's life is not measured by how much money one accumulates in the bank or how many stocks or houses one owns; but by what kind of children we present to our community. Perry came from a highly educated family. His father was a lawyer/law professor and his mother was a very well known educator with over 36 years of teaching experience. Perry's life role model was his uncle, a very sincere, kind, honest, smart, and most importantly a very humble man. Perry's ultimate goal is to carry on his parents as well as his uncle's legacy by helping the future generations of this great country to achieve academic excellence and become productive members of our American society, as well as helping other nations. 


God bless America and our great nation!


Perry Khazi, GM 



Owner and management strongly believe in a professional and respectful tenant-landlord relationship.